Providing custom design for PowerPC development board


Although Micetek‘s wide array of standard PowerPC reference board designs offer alternatives that can span the requirements of most applications, we also provide in-depth design support for custom tailoring of products to meet specific application requirements unique to our customers‘ situations. Micetek provides a service of designing and modifying the PowerPC development board. We will design and modify the hardware and software according to our PowerPC development platform to satisfy different customer’s demand. We supply the service of modifying the schematics, PCB and embedded Linux BSP for the following PowerPC development board. Micetek is trying to supply service for our clients and help the developer reduce the design cycle, simplify the development and improve their efficiency.

PowerQUICC II Pro development board

- MPC8349E-mITX

- MPC8349E-mITX-GP cost-down

- MPC8347E

- MPC8313E-RDB

- MPC8323E-RDB

PowerQUICC III development board

- MPC8540

- MPC8541E

- MPC8555E

- MPC8560

- MPC8548E

PowerPC carrier

- Type-N carrier for communication application

- Type-A carrier for ATCA or MicroTCA chassis

    - Type-S carrier for Network Storage application

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