MPC8540 reference platform 

(MPC8540 Processor card + Type-N/S/A carrier)

(Above is the pictures for MPC8540 reference board)


MPC8540PC services as a general-purpose PQ37PC processor card and supports Freescale MPC8540/8541E/8555E/8560 processor. The reusable processor card integrates CPU (8540) and some periphery circuit and can be flexibly combined with Type-N, Type-S or Type-A carrier for different applications, such as networking, storage and ATCA or MicroTCA Chassis. It reduces the design cycle  and saves the investment for the designer.

Addressing the needs for higher compute density and lower system cost, Freescale Semiconductor's MPC8540 integrated host processor is designed to provide the highest level of performance and integration available today. The MPC8540 is Freescale's first device utilizing the e500 core; is the industry's first RapidIO-enabled processor; and provides dual gigabit Ethernet controllers. Balancing processor performance with I/O system throughput, the MPC8540 is a powerful control element for network routers and switches, storage subsystems, network appliances, and print and imaging devices.

Advantages of Using the PQ37PC

The PQ37PC is designed to contain the mandatory memories (DDR and flash) and system logics (latch and buffer) only. However, it supports wide range of peripherals/interfaces, for example ATM, 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, UART, through the I/O connectors and a corresponding carrier board. The following sections describe the advantages of using the PQ37PC.

1 Flexibility

The PowerQUICCTM family devices are highly flexible that can support many kinds of peripheral and protocol. A single reference board can never satisfy all desired requirements. To support different peripherals and protocols with limited budget, a system consist of a processor card plus a carrier board is desired. In the PQ37PC, the entire CPM I/O, PCI bus, Local Bus signals are fanout to the I/O connectors. User can easily incorporate their own carrier system with the PQ37PC as most of the I/Os are available on the card.

2 Shortening of the design cycle

The PowerQUICC IIITM is a highly integrated and complicated device, which works with many high-speed interfaces. Designing these high speed interfaces always increase the development cycle if a user does not familiar with the PowerQUICC IIITM family. The PQ37PC is convenient for user on fast prototyping because user need not to put many affords on PowerQUICC IIITM design with using the PQ37PC, but only focus on his own carrier board. The most convenient way is plugging the PQ37PC into the Type-N carrier board.

3 Reusability

The PCB dimension and the assignment of connection signals between the PQ37PC and the carrier board are fixed. User can easily upgrade or modify the PQ37PC with our processors, such as PowerQUICC IIITM Hip8 devices, PowerQUICC IITM Pro family, while keeping the peripherals on the carrier board unchanged.

4 Ease of Debug

The architecture of the PQ37PC plus carrier board separates the main system from the peripherals. It ease user’s debugging effort by isolating the problem at the main system upon the proven peripherals or vice versa, instead of debugging a messy system with all peripherals integrated on a single board.

5 Standardized reference

The PQ37PC is in PMC form factor which allows user to fit the processor card into his own system board with minimum effort.

MPC8540 Features

Embedded e500 Book E compatible core available from 600 MHz up to 1 GHz

·    32 KB L1 data and 32 KB L1 instruction cache with line locking support

·     256 KB on-chip L2 cache with direct mapped capability

·    Memory management unit (MMU)            

·     Two triple-speed Ethernet controllers (TSECs) supporting 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet

     (IEEE 802.3,  802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3z, and 802.3ac compliant) with two GMII/TBI/RGMII


·     64-bit, DDR SDRAM memory controller with full ECC support

·     8-bit, RapidIO controller

·     64-bit, PCI-X 1.0a/PCI 2.2 bus controller

·     166 MHz, 32-bit local bus with memory controller

·     10/100 Ethernet controller (802.3) for chip debug and maintenance support

·     Integrated four-channel DMA controller

·     Interrupt controller

·     IEEE 1149.1 JTAG test access port

·     1.2V core power supply with 3.3V and 2.5V I/O

·     783-pin FC-BGA package

PQ37-8540 processor card

MPC8540PC features

·     Support MPC8540/60 and MPC8541E/55E with different board loading option

·     Support 64 bit PCI-X interface up to 133 MHz

·     Support 64 bit PCI interface up to 66 MHz

·     TSEC1 and TSEC2 GMII, RGMII, TBI, RTBI interfaces supported by board-to-board

      connector, which can be used as 10/100/1000 BaseT copper interface on a carrier board.

      (e.g. Type-N Carrier)

·     DDR333 SDRAM supported by discrete SDDR SDRAM with optional ECC feature

·     Up to 16 MBytes flash memory at 8-bit port size in two banks

·     One RS-232 Serial Port (optional)

       — Uses UART0 of DUART

·     One 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port (optional)

       — MPC8540 uses FEC

·     COP interface

·     Other interfaces supported by board-to-board connectors

       — 32-bit Local Bus interface with four chip-selects and 24-bit address

·     5V fan connector

·     3.3V and 5V power supplied from a carrier board

·     8-layer PCB routing

·     PMC form factor (5.8 inch x 2.9 inch)


Type-N carrier board for Networking application

Type-S carrier board for Storage application

    ◆ Type-A carrier card for ATCA and MicroTCA chassis application

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MPC8540 processor card




Type-N carrier supporting PQ II Pro and PQ III processor card




Type-A carrier card (AMC card) supporting PQ II Pro and PQ III processor card




Type-S carrier supporting PQ II Pro and PQ III processor card




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