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JediView for PowerPC IDE v0.87 for evaluation

Flyer of USB TAP and JediView for PowerPC

User Manual of USB TAP and JediView for PowerPC

The JediView Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an application that provides a simple, versatile graphical user interface and tools for developing computer software. Using JediView, you can develop a program, library, or other executable code to run on different computer systems using different programming languages.

The JediView Project Manager helps you to manage source files, head files, library files, other needed files and JediView permits you to specify multiple project configurations for a particular project.

JediView IDE includes an editor, a Search Engine, a debugger, a project manager, and other application development tools. JediView also provides some useful Add-ons, such as Source Browse, CVS-ins, and Programming Flash. You can order these products according to your need.

Source Graphic Browser---including language architecture, function transfer and nesting relation

Project Builder---automatically batch tool, complier the integrated application --- connection ---- code location--- target debugging files and Flash---memory image files

Real-Time-Source-Level-Debugger---the core tool of the embedded IDE, JediView has a real-time source-level debugger supporting C/C++ language and assembly programming-level debugging.

Instruction-Set-Simulator---Developer can develop and test all the software without target hardware.

  Hardware Diagnostics 

  Flash Memory Programming--- supports hundreds of popular Flash ROM and can be continued to update.

  Shell Windows---Except the friendly graphic button, the operation of JediView windows can be executed by row instructions of the shell windows.

  VB Script debugging automatically

  Tool chains support---STABS and ELF/DWARF 1.0&2.0 and compliant with output format files; Greenhills MULTI2000 C/C++ cross complier, GNU C/C++ complier, Metroworks complier, JediView Studio embedded GNU C/C++ Complier 

  Plug-in Facility---JediView adopts the design of open architecture to support the control configuring flexibly. These functions, such as updating function, adding function and supporting new architecture for CPU or SoC, etc, can be executed only by changing the corresponding control so that it can protect the user’s investment.

  CVS---JediView Studio provides an advance Concurrent-Version-System on the base of Windows environment. It is greatly convenient to manage the project application for the members of development team and avoids the unnecessary conflict for software management. 

JediView Studio Hardware Protocol

USB TAP In-Circuit Emulator  

Supported BSP Debugging

Bootloader, Linux, Vxworks, Nucleus+, QNX, RTXC,

Software Operation Environment:


Supported Processor

  MPC52XX family

   MPC5200 MPC5200B

  MPC5XX family

   MPC533, MPC535, MPC555, MPC561, MPC563, MPC565

  MPC8XX family

  MPC823, MPC823E, MPC850, MPC852T, MPC853T, MPC855T,

   MPC857DSL, MPC857T, MPC859DSL, MPC860, MPC862,  

   MPC866, MPC870, MPC875, MPC880, MPC885

  MPC82XX family

   MPC8241, MPC8245, MPC8247, MPC8248, MPC8250, MPC8255,

   MPC8260, MPC8264, MPC8265, MPC8266, MPC8270, MPC8271, MPC8272,

   MPC8275, MPC8280

  MPC83XX family

   MPC8313E, MPC8314E, MPC8315E,

   MPC8321E, MPC8323E, MPC8343E, MPC8347E, MPC8349E,

   MPC8358E, MPC8360E, MPC8377E, MPC8378E, MPC8379E

 MPC85XX family

   MPC8533E, MPC8540E, MPC8341E, MPC8543E, MPC8544E,

   MPC8545E, MPC8547E, MPC8548E, MPC8555E, MPC8560E, MPC8567E,

   MPC8568E, MPC8572E

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