JTAG/COP/BDM Interface (for MPC52XX, PowerQUICC I, II, II pro & III)


USB TAP In-Circuit Emulator host target interface is a feature-packed, no nonsense run-control tool that allows developers to save precious development time during target bring-up and debug providing visibility into and control of Freescale on-chip debug (OCD) features. 

The USB TAP ICE integrates seamlessly with the JediView or CodeWarrior integrated development environment, giving the developer a powerful tool for complex debug tasks. 

The USB TAP features broad Freescale processor support, complete run-control functionality and flash programming for fast downloads and convenient production testing.


· Support Freescale MPC52XX/8XX/MPC82XX/MPC83XX/MPC85XX processor family

· High-speed USB 2.0 download, PnP

· The speed of loading code up to 1.6Mbps

· Device is self-powered without external power supply

· Run-control visibility and control

· Flash memory programming

· Low voltage target support: 1.8~3.3V

· Seamlessly integrated with JediView/CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

     and supports all JediView/CodeWarrior run-control debug features


· Split-second single-step execution

· Fast codes download to target, depending on processor and target design

· Control and debug your software running in-target, with minimal intrusion into target operation

· Use software or hardware breakpoints

· Crash-proof control of the target processor

· Obtain and modify register contents

· Display and modify memory

· Control instruction execution

· Run/stop/step/reset

· Available with a variety of connectors to support a wide array of Freescale processor families

· The combination of USB TAP and JediView (or CodeWarrior) Development Studio provides:

o  Powerful C/C++ C/C++ source correspondence

Debugging in ROM, RAM, and flash memory can be conveniently controlled by downloading 

     code, manually modifying processor registers and memory, single stepping trough the code, 

     or setting breakpoints.  

· Dimension of USB TAP: 5.875 inch x 3.0 inch x 1.25 inch (L x W x H)

Target Supported

  MPC5XX family

MPC51XX family

MPC52XX family

   MPC7XXX family

   MPC86XX family

   MPC8XX family

   MPC82XX family

   MPC83XX family

MPC85XX family

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Main board

1 PC


Cable for USB port

1 PC


CD (Manual)

1 PC

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USB TAP In-Circuit Emulator (for PowerPC)



JediView for PowerPC

JediView for PowerPC IDE



Document download

JediView for PowerPC IDE v0.87 for evaluation

Flyer of USB TAP and JediView for PowerPC

User Manual of USB TAP and JediView for PowerPC


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