Turkey solution

consist of MPC8541E/8548E processor card and three kinds of carrier


MICETEK launched a turkey solution consist of PowerQUICC III MPC8541E/8548E processor card and three kinds of carrier for different application. Combined with PQ II Pro, III processor card, Type-N carrier can be used for Network, Type-S for Network Storage and Type-A for ATCA or MicroTCA chassis.


The advantage of the architecture:



The PowerQUICC family devices are highly flexible that can support many kinds of peripheral

and protocol. A single reference board can never satisfy all desired requirements. To support

different peripherals and protocols with limited budget, a system consist of a processor card plus

a carrier board is desired. In the PQ III processor card, the entire CPM I/O, PCI bus, Local Bus signals are fanout to the I/O connectors. User can easily incorporate their own carrier system with the

PQIIIPC as most of the I/Os are available on the card.


Shortening of the design cycle

The PowerQUICC III is a highly integrated and complicated device which works with many

high speed interfaces. Designing these high speed interfaces always increase the development

cycle if a user does not familiar with the PowerQUICC III family. The PQ III processor card is convenient for user on fast prototyping because user need not to put many affords on PowerQUICC III design with using the PQ III processor card, but only focus on his own carrier board. The most convenient way is plugging the PQ III processor card into the Type-N carrier board.



The PCB dimension and the assignment board are fixed. User can easily upgrade PowerQUICC IIITM Hip8 devices, PowerQUICC on the carrier board unchanged.


Ease of debug

The architecture of the PQ III processor card plus carrier board separates the main system from the peripherals. It ease user’s debugging effort by isolating the problem at the main system upon the proven peripherals or vice versa, instead of debugging a messy system with all peripherals integrated on

a single board.


Standardized reference

The PQ III processor card is in PMC form factor which allows user to fit the processor card into his own system board with minimum effort.


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Type-N carrier for network application

Type-S carrier for storage application

Type-A carrier for ATCA or MicroTCA chassis


PowerQUICC III series processor card






PowerPCQUICC II Pro series development board

MPC8349E-mITX reference development board

MPC8349E-mITX-GP cost-down development board


PowerPCQUICC II series processor card




PowerPCQUICC I series:




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