MPC8377E/8379E-RDB Reference Design Board

The MPC8377E/8379E reference platform (MPC8377E/8379E-RDB) provides customers with a highly integrated reference design board that can help shorten customers’ time to market. The reference design is aimed at small-to-medium business and consumer applications, such as network attached storage (NAS) with RAID 5, multi-function printers and office-in-a box. This cost-effective board is based on the MPC837x family, build on Power Architecture™ technology, along with leading-edge external components to help customers quickly design and implement their target application. 

Target Applications

·    Network Attached Storage (NAS)

·    Digital Media Server (DMS)

·    Residential Gateway with Storage

MPC8377E/8379E processor feature

·    Integrated x4 SATA controller that reduces BOM cost and board space by lowering chip count, or x2 

     SATA and x2 PCI-Express slots (for MPC8377E)

·    Dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers that allow high speed connectivity to Ethernet LAN

·    High system performance due to the Power Architecture e300 core that can achieve up to 667MHz

·    Security & XOR Engine to support encryption algorithms (such as AES and DES/3DES) and the

     RAID 5 algorithm

MPC837x-RDB Board Features

·    CPU: Freescale MPC8379E or MPC8377E

·    Memory subsystem

     o     256 MB unbuffered DDR2 SDRAM

     o     8 MB NOR flash

     o     32 MB NAND flash

     o     256 Kb serial EEPROM

     o     SD card socket

·    Interfaces

     o     10/100/1000 Ethernet port

           One 10/100/1000 baseT RGMII Ethernet port

           One 5-port 10/100/1000 baseT Ethernet switch

     o     PCI slot :

           One MiniPCI connector

           One standard PCI connector

     o    PCI Express (for MPC8377E only) :

           One PCI Express add-in connector

           One MiniPCI Express for WLAN

     o     SATA port :

           Two ( for MPC8377E only); or

           Four standard SATA II connectors (for MPC8379E only)

     o     USB 2.0

           4-port USB hub or 1-port USB OTG

     o     DUART

     o     Thermal sensor on I2C bus

     o     Programmable LEDs for debug use

     o     Mini-ITX form factor: 170 mm x 170 mm

     o     6-layer PCB routing (4-layer signals, 2-layer power and ground)

       o     Lead-free (ROHS), CE and FCC Certification

MPC837xE-RDB Block Diagram

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MPC8377E/8379E reference design board




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