MPC8315E-RDB Reference Design Board



The MPC8315 reference platform ( MPC8315E-RDB) is ideal for hardware and software development of the 2-drive consumer network attached storage (NAS) and the digital media server. The MPC8315E-RDB is a system featuring the powerful PowerQUICC™ II Pro processor, which includes a built-in security accelerator. This low-cost, high-performance system solution consists of a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly known as the MPC8315E-RDB Board, plus a board support package (BSP), distributed in a CD image. This BSP enables fastest possible time-to-market for development or integration of applications including home NAS and NAS+WAN gateway. 


·     2   drive Network Attached Storage (NAS)

·     Digital Media Server (DMS)

·     Residential Gateway (VoIP, Wifi, Storage)

·     Printing/Imaging

Hardware of MPC8315E-RDB

This section presents the features, specifications and block diagram of the MPC8315E-RDB board.

·    CPU: Freescale MPC8315E running at 400/266 MHz (CPU/DDR2)

·    Memory subsystem:

     o   128MB unbuffered DDR2 SDRAM discrete devices

     o   8MB NOR Flash

     o   32MB NAND Flash 

     o   256MBits M24256 serial EEPROM

·    Ethernet: 

     o    2 Gigabit RGMII connections directly to PHY

     o    One Ethernet connection to broadband powerline capability using DS2

·    High-Speed USB

     o    Connector directly on board

     o    3-port USB hub

·    PCI

     o    One standard and one MiniPCI connector

·    PCI Express

     o    PCI Express add-in connector

     o    MiniPCI Express for WLAN

·    SATA

     o    Two standard SATA connectors

     o    eSATA will be available through SATA-eSATA connectors

·    SPI/TDM

     o    Connected to dual Legerity SLIC/SLAC

·    I2C

     o    Connected to real-time clock

     o    May be eliminated using the MCU

·    Dual UART

     o    Connectors for debug connectivity

     o    Extra header (compliant to MPC832x RDB) for Bluetooth®/ZigBee® future connectivity

·    Local bus

     o    NAND flash/NOR flash

MPC8315E-RDB block diagram

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