MICETEK launches USB TAP Emulator and JediView for PowerPC IDE



MICETEK provides USB TAP For PowerPC high-speed In-circuit Emulator for our clients. The code is   loaded by JTAG/COP/BDM interface with the speed up to 1.6Mbps,Supporting Freescale MPC52XX, MPC74XX, MPC8XX,MPC82XX,MPC83XX, MPC85XX, MPC86XX high-end processors, USB TAP can emulate bootloader,Linux and Vxworks etc. USB TAP can seamlessly integrate with CodeWarrior or JediView IDE and users can view the current state of processor register and memory. The program can be halted at the predefined state and the data of the program at the certain state can be examined.



JediView Integrated Development Environment is developed by MICETEK. As an application of developing computer software.  It provides a simple and versatile graphical user interface and tool. You can use JediView to develop a program, library or executed code to run on different kinds of computer systems using many kinds of programming language. JediView can substitute entirely for CodeWarrior for PowerPC.


The advantages


1.  The function is the same as CodeWarrior with stable performance.

2. USB TAP Emulator can support not only JediView For PowerPC of MICETEK,but also 

       Codewarrior for PowerPC IDE.

3. Cheaper price

4.   Supply service of upgrading and maintain

5.   Support many models of PowerPC CPU, including MPC52xx, MPC8xx, MPC82xx, MPC83xx, 

       MPC85xx, MPC86xx and Freescale’s future products

6. Abundant features: hardware diagnosis, In-circuit flash programming, single-step debugging

       checking the current state of processor register and memory, setting breakpoints, enable the 

       memory mapping and debugging bootloader, Vxworks, Linux, uclinux etc.

7. Support more than 200 kinds of Flash. Our products can support all the flash which 

       CodeWarrior supports. Furthermore, user can add flash type and flash to JediView according 

       to our document.

8.   USB TAP support wide voltage from 1.8 to 3.3V without external power supply.


MICETEK provides full-side technology support and good service after sales.


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