JUDI Emulator for ARM with high-speed USB interface


Hardware feature:

●    Real-time control in full-speed emulating without occupying any CPU resource.

●    Support most of ARM7 and ARM 9 series processors

●    Full-speed USB port communicates with PC, plug and play

●    Full-speed JTAG port with the speed of loading code up to 400KB/S

●    Support wide range of voltage: 1.8V~3.3V

●    Support ARM Cache-Inside and MMU function

●    Hardware real-time breakpoint

●    Target board can initialize automatically

        ●    RDI interface protocol can connect various software-developing platform supporting RDI protocol, such as SDT, ADS, RealView and JediView.

●    Flash Utility function: support hundreds of common-use Flash chips ISP

●    Support MCU Inside-Flash writing

●    Opened Flash Utility interface, user can add any new Flash chip as requirement

●    In-line update the firmware of JUDI and support more new ARM


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