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Arm's webinar 於2020/3/31免費線上教學請報名參加



Faster build, healthier code with embedded Continuous Integration


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The webinar will take place on 31 March, 9pm Taipei time and will be also available on-demand right after the webinar on the same link. Therefore it could be promoted further beyond the date of the live event. Please, note that we will use a new webinar platform from now on called, BrightTalk.


Software development is an ongoing compromise between good, fast and cheap. With code size exploding exponentially, the complexity of software is rapidly growing year by year. This can lead to project delays, poorer quality and frustrated engineers. Developing software for embedded targets, where the development and production environments are different, adds to the challenges.

Continuous integration stands out as a best-practice methodology for embedded software developers. By applying its principles, teams can create efficient code development flows with easily and reliably verifiable code health and implement efficient safety-certified development processes.

In this webinar, Arm experts will take you through:
- How to create more efficient embedded development flow with CI
- How to plan the setup of the CI flow stages
- Best practices and use cases
- Resources to get started