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Keil 4場 webinars 於11/17起陸續登場請趕快報名參加(免費的 ^_^)


Coming up in November and December ARM is hosting a series of free public webinars. Please sign up if these are of interest to you, and also share with your customers.

If you are able to help promote these webinars, then we will send you the leads you generate in return. All you need to do is make sure you company name is appended to the end of the URL, for instance for the first webinar listed below:

Thank you in advance for helping to promote these webinars! Here are the details:

Using TrustZone on Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33

November, 17

9:00am GMT or 1:00pm CDT

ARM recently announced the first two processors using the ARMv8-M architecture, ARM Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33. ARM TrustZone for ARMv8-M adds security features to these cores that allow applications and services to operate securely while safeguarding the secure resources from being misused, corrupted or inspected by intruders. The webinar will explain how to program secure and non-secure domains on a processor with TrustZone.

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Manage software complexity on heterogeneous systems (*In Mandarin*)

November, 18

4:00pm CST

Heterogeneous devices, such as the NXP i.MX series, utilize the best of both worlds on a single device: a Cortex-A processor running Linux for complex application software such as data analytics, graphics, or complex networking is combined with a smaller Cortex-M processor for real-time behavior with minimum power consumption. While heterogeneous computing has many benefits, software development becomes challenging when managing Linux application development, classic embedded microcontroller software and inter-process communication. This webinar will show how the new DS-MDK simplifies software development on heterogeneous devices by enabling Cortex-M/A bare-metal debug and Linux application debug in a single powerful tool.

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Dynamic software analysis with MDK event recorder

December, 1

9:00am GMT or 1:00pm CDT

Today, flexible and easy-to-use software components are essential for microcontroller applications. These software components are frequently a "black box" to the application programmer, which makes the analysis of potential issues challenging. This webinar will introduce the Keil MDK Event Recorder and explain how it enables programmers understand and analyze the operation of software components. The webinar will also discuss how to use the provided infrastructure to add specific MDK debugger views to user applications and third party middleware.

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What’s new in CMSIS-RTOS2 and Keil RTX5

December, 8

9:00am GMT or 1:00pm CDT

The new CMSIS-RTOS API v2 addresses new requirements such as dynamic object creation, support for ARMv8-M, message passing in multi-core systems, and full support of C++ run-time environments. This webinar will compare the CMSIS-RTOS API versions and will show how to migrate source code and utilize the new features in Keil RTX5, as it is the first real-time operating system that implements the new API as its native RTOS interface for ARM Cortex-M processor-based devices.

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